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We teach all range of PADI courses from the beginner to the professional level. We can give you more details upon request.


For certified divers 

  • We offer daily diving $100 USD per person  (2 guided dives with air tanks and weights)

For non-certified 

  • Our Discover Scuba Diving Program (we prepare the equipment, explain them a bit about the theory part, then in the shallow water we teach them how to breath and swim and teach them some skills and after that we can go for a dive). This program takes about 1.5 hour and costs $80 per person 

Scuba Diver course

  • Certification takes 2 full days with us, with this certification they are allowed to go up to 12 meters with a dive instructor or dive guide.

  • This course cost $295

  • Additional $105 for the manual and Certification 



        Open Water Diver Course

        This course divers allowed to go up to 18 meters with a dive buddy. There are 2 options to get the Open Water Diver certification

        The theory part of the course can be done online with PADI e-Learning. They can organize the theory part of the course according to their time and we do the practical part i.e. the dives at the dive center. In this case we need 2-3 full days to do the divess

        Costs $350 per person  Additional $55USD for the certification 

        Full Course 
         4 full days to go through the theory part and do the dives.
        Cost: $500
        Additional $105 for the manual and certification. 

        Advanced Open Water Diver Course:
        Takes 2 days to get the certification
        Advanced Open Water Divers are allowed to go up to 30 meters.
        This course costs $300
        Additional $105 for the manual and certification


        For family's if they are not certified divers we can offer

        Snorkeling which costs $40 per person (including the transfer, towel, shower, locker, water, mask, snorkel and fins plus the entrance fee to the beach club). While you are under the water they can do some snorkeling on our house reefs which are really nice for snorkeling, as well or they can just enjoy our beach.

        Please note that our price includes the transfer from/to the hotel, we provide towels, shower and locker.


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