Frequently Asked Questions   

Keep the jeans for the winter, in the summer light chinos are better. You can use shorts at touristic (and hot) sites like Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum and Red Sea. At holy places, like the Baptism Site and churches, we advise to wear long pants and cover your shoulders.

Well, this does depend on the time of year.

The summer is hot, of course, but you are still likely to need a sweater somewhere along the way. The desert might go down to 15°C even in August, and this is a bit on the chilly side for sitting and talking around the campfire.

The winter is often cold with snow, but if you get good weather, you might find it warm! In the winter, I advise you to dress in layers, a jacket over a pullover, over a sweatshirt, over a tee shirt: like this you can peel off as much as you want to. A difference of 20 or even 25°C between daytime and nighttime temperature is quite normal in Jordan.

You might well find a tracksuit useful, the jacket can be used separately, and could replace the sweatshirt/light sweater.

Beach clothes: I assume you will be using the private beaches, in which case you can bring ordinary bathing suits, or bikinis as you like.

Footwear: I always suggest trekking sandals except in the dead of winter.