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In this hectic life in the city you can find serenity and coherence of interaction between Man, Animals and Nature in the country side and villages in Jordan. The hospitable environment, the genuine rustic Jordanian food made by the farming Jordanian household of villagers and the green peaceful nature with the real heritage of History, stories and activities are all packaged in this one and only Agri tourism experience in Jordan.


9:30 – Visit Jadaa ideal farm where the natural resources are used to sustain the farm as an asset. Here you see; Water harvest, fish farming, deers, goats, doves, quails, sustainable irrigation and fertilizing system, a natural cave turned to a bed room and a virgin oak forest.

10:30 – Visit the Zaatar house (oregano) to interact with the local women farmer to experience the making of Zaatar, Sumaq, have Zaatar fresh pastry ( Managiesh) and drink Zaatar tea. See and interact in the process of making grape fruit rolls and hold rabbits and tortoises.

11:30 – Visit the Honey farm to learn about the Honey and Bees of Jordan.

13:00 – Visit Um Nidal’s (a woman farmer) inclusive rural life experience of Jordan where you can

1. pick free range eggs.

2. compete with the local farmers to catch a chicken.

3. Milk a goat and feed milk to baby sheep or goats.

4. see how goat butter is made 5. experience the making of Saj bread.

6. Have a cup of Arabic coffee in the tent

. 7. Engage in separating the grains of wheat from barley while engaging in a Q&A with Um Nidal to learn about the heritage and local stories of Jordan.

8. Have a local variety of home made dishes; fresh Saj bread, fresh goat butter with sugar, free range eggs cooked in goat butter, olives, Gallayieh ( traditional rural famous dish of cooked tomato in olive oil or gee), sage tea, fresh butter milk, farmers salad ( mixture of pickled olives, carrots, bell pepper, garlic, walnuts..) and more either in the tent or under the big 400 old oak tree.

9. Play Marbles with the local farmers as a traditional game in the rural society of Jordan.

10. ride the tractor to the near by fields.

15:30 – Either hike to the horse club or go by bus to visit the horse riding club to learn about the Arabian horses. (optional a 2 round of a horse ride in the arena for 3 JD or 5JD for 15 minutes ride)

18:00 – Back to Amman.

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