Things to do in Amman


Enjoying the view from wild Jordan café

Go to scrub and massage at a Turkish bath

See the Roman Nymphaeum

Visit the Citadel

Create your own sand bottle at downtown handicraft shops

(Visit Darat Al-Funun (Little House of Art)

Shop for souvenirs downtown or at one of Amman’s many handicraft shops

Try horseback riding at one of the many riding clubs

Have a falafel sandwich at Al-Quds in Jabal Amman

Tour the spice shops downtown

Make your own fresh ka’ek sandwich at Salah Ad-Dine Bakery

Enjoy indoor rock-climbing at a great and safe facility, with trained professionals to help you master the sport.

Eat at Hashem Restaurant in downtown Amman

Watch the sunset from one of the city’s many hill tops

Spend some time at Kan Zaman

Try cart racing

Stop by Al-Balad Theatre for a cultural event

Experience a holiday mass at one of the many churches

Enjoy a shawerma sandwich at Reem

Enjoy a cool evening at Al-Hussein Park

Play pool in one of Amman’s clubs 

Try sugarcane juice downtown

Join poets and poetry enthusiasts at the House of Poetry

Visit Iraq Al-Amir

Step back in time at the Hejaz Railway Station

Visit the Cave of Seven Sleepers, who were mentioned in the Qur’an in “Suret Al-Kahf”

Sample Jordanian coffee at a street vendor

Watch the bustle of downtown from the balcony of Balat Al-Rasheed Cafe

Have flavoured shisha in one of Amman’s many outdoor coffee shops

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