Is preferred in Jordan more than the store bought one, some people would make it for their own houses and sell them all over the year. It’s a legacy you may say from ancient times.

It’s a long process, but in short it’s cut and put in barillas and left up to 40 days, then it’s cleared and poured into wine bottles and sold or kept until it’s more vintage, non-Jordanians usually think that it’s a little heavier than the regular one. But it’s super delicious and it’s really fun to make!

Let’s go back a bit to the history of it here in Jordan, Jordan's long history implies that wine was produced there in ancient times, as far back as Nabatean times. Although Israeli and Lebanese wines dominate the wine industry in the region, some Jordanian wineries are producing organic wines, which made them popular. The Wine Institute (USA) estimates Jordan's wine production at approximately 500,000 liters per year. Nominal per-capita consumption is 0.1 liters, but the figure is potentially misleading as little of the wine is drunk by Jordanian citizens. Quality has improved from unremarkable in the 1980s to very acceptable by 2009.

Based on historical evidence in Jordan, wine making was popular back in 30 BC. This legacy was revived in 1953 when Mudieb M. Haddad founded Eagle Distilleries Company. In 1975 Italian experts collaborated with the Haddad Family to build the first “state of the art” winery in Jordan. In the year 2000 the winery was transformed to modern wine-making and in 2004 over 40 world-renowned grape varieties were planted in the Haddad Estates. The vineyards are located in the Mafraq plateau area nearby the dormant volcanic mountain of Jabal Al-Arab; which lies 1,800 meters above sea level. The water from rain and melting snow flows from the mountain under the Basalt Desert and accumulates in aquifers 400 meters below the surface which is used in Dry Farming the thriving vines in rich virgin mineral volcanic soil.

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