A hidden part to Jordan is the creativity that it has in a lot of fields, such as music, art, plays, poetry and dancing.

Growing arts scene in the country has a great deal to offer for art lovers of all tastes. In addition to the selection of contemporary art galleries dotted in and around Amman, there are many other places where you can experience the city’s artistic side.

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.

Tom Postma Design designed the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.

The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts should be first on your list to

 visit if you’re looking for a comprehensive insight into the history of contemporary and Islamic art from the Middle East.

Darat al Tasweer

Runned by the Jordanian renowned photographer Linda al-Khoury,Darat al Tasweer is a specialized centre for photography, it’s goal is to encourage both amateurs and professional photographers in all around Jordan. Thorough organizing festivals and exhibitions throughout the year .


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