Al-Bait Al-Nabulsi

One of the oldest houses in Irbid, was built in 1920 and people lived in it up to 1965, after that it was turned into girls school but not for to long after Irbid’s municipality

had bought the place and renovated it to become a cultural house.

Historically speaking this house is a combination of recent and vintage architecture since the places around it are recent and itself is vintage, which is very shown through the

design of its windows and the arches along with ancient stones and tiles which is gathered from all over the ancient Arab world.

Now a day Al Bait Al Nabulsi is a well known place to hold cultural, artistic and musical events in it. No words could ever describe the beauty of it, it’s a heart worming place,

and a few houses away from it we’ll find Bait Arar which is also one of the most vintage houses in Irbid.

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